Who We Serve:

We understand that our services may not meet the needs of everyone that needs medical care. Here are some of the requirements to be able to work within our care system:

  • Our patients must have no health insurance. We do not see patients that qualify for Medicare or Medicaid (OHP). We expect people that qualify for these programs to submit an application and provide contact information to the appropriate agencies as needed for assistance.
  • Whenever possible, our Providers prescribe generic brand medications to make it affordable to our patients. We do not supplement in any way for the expense of these meds. We expect the patient to pay for their medication. We will assist patients, whenever we can, to complete the paperwork for MedAssist for those meds that must be prescribed that are a brand name. The MedAssist office will also help patients complete the necessary paperwork to facilitate obtaining the more expensive medications.
  • While the care we provide to our patients in our office is free…there are potential costs for lab/imaging or procedures that are processed or done outside the clinic. Patients are expected to provide verification of income to attach to their applications for supplemental programs like Charity Care through Salem Hospital or MedAssist/Project Access if they want that assistance with bill payment. Patients are responsible for all expenses they incur outside the walls of Salem Free Clinics.